Sunday, December 14, 2008

about me

It's very hard for a person to say something about himself, unless he is a vaunter who brags about his qualities that he thinks he has. I have realized the fact that many people get bored while you boast about yourself while in front of them, the realization was of course late. Some of you know what i'm talking here about. It gives others a bad impression about you. In fact I am trying to quit bragging about myself.
I don't want to fill some adjectives in this column as everyone does, in fact i also have done it many a times,usual adjectives being COOL,AFFABLE, LIKEABLE ....etc. I believe that the so called adjectives should be filled by other people who know you well. It's for them to decide and not you. Hey think,u people are getting what I'm talking about....? But while writing a blog it becomes a necessity that you write something about yourself.That's what I am intending by this post.

Well talking about myself, I 'm Arun, age 21 years, hailing from an average middle class family in calicut, now working for an american multinational computer company,having a history dating back to 19th century, cool yeah..!!,but still don't know what sort of work I am going to do here, got me right.......?,in bench right now!!!
Looking forward for a training that may soon begin . Think I'm a workaholic,this also late realization,after sitting idle for some two months,a period of boring days in a not so boring high tech city Bangalore.
I did my graduation in mechanical engineering from CET (Dude don't confuse , it's a college and not an entrance test as some chauvinist NITians, like you, think) . You all might be wondering what a computer company has got to do with a mechanical eng student !!. I'm also with you .It all happened like that. You might think after all it's my decision only .Yeah it's my decision and I may be justified for what I had done in the college bunking of classes and clearing exams with one night stand surface studies. There's a lot to say about my college life,but I'm confining it to what I have told just now. I am keeping a separate post for that. I may write it sooner or later. But now I feel very much comfortable,for such a wonderful exposure my company is giving me. Presently it gives me everything but work.
Apart from that, now it's time for me to write something about my own interests. I always go after new new things. I'l do anything for increasing my knowledge. Usually it results in multi-tasking with everything half done and sometimes i feel that jack of all trades is master of none. I love traveling a lot, like peregrinating to new new places and to roam around embracing a camera in my hands for that it gives me a visual ecstasy. And photography is such an area of interest of mine because it really supplements traveling with a different angle and frame..Clicked or what..!!
Then usual things, I love music a lot like a majority of people say. It's always within me in my mind,soul. It has it's own rhythm and elegance. I have no control over it. It flows like that, sometimes keeping me in trance. Often it comes out of my lip loud usually when I'm in bathroom which makes me within a large group of it's own variety- U guessed it rite.....!!!. The bathroom singers.
Moving on I like movies,chatting,browsing and last but not least I'm slightly obsessed with economics and finance.Think it's time to close this post just in case you don't get bored.