Tuesday, December 16, 2008

first salary and related thoughts

Folks..!! Wht's special about september 26th . sounds ironical..? indeed for many a reasons.26 is a multiple of 13, so no way it being special;courtesy numerology..!! . 26 is a notorious date as far as Indians are concerned. Tsunami,earthquake,gujrat riots,terrorist attacks..blah blah. If i continue as such,this post shall contrast my intentions. But for the freshers who joined our company on august 27th this year, september 26 was indeed very special, the day we all got our first salary. The greatest moment in my life so far. It cannot be set forth in mere words,but should be apprehended by one's own senses. It was a state of euphoria. The day that made me feel that I'm on my own.

Let me refer back to the past,some two and a half months back. The day started off as usual,as it's for every IT employee,Morning 6'o clock ,the first mobile alarm up,snoozed the same ..615 second one up,again snoozed,finally got up at 6.3o. Some of my house mates had already got up. At this nick of time I need to mention who all are there in my house. They are Farooq,Kyape,Gunesh,Sourabh,and Hari(some of the names written in a manner they r known).All of us have the same root as far as our graduation is concerned..same college.Further, all except Hari were inmates of the same college hostel. He is the only odd man out,with a lot of home sickness.Reason he was a day-scholar in the college and he is the only son for his parents. We 6 of us share an urbane house in the outskirts of bangalore city,Banaswadi,to be proper is the name of the place where we reside. Now that i am off from my bed, it was time for daily activities. After whisking my teeth, I was very eager to get to the rest room. We have two if it's kind here.Boy..!!! the last night, I had a heavy dinner,gorging porottas and spicy fish stuffs. So my eagerness was obvious. Unfavorably it was already occupied by my crony. The other lavatory was free, but the european way doesn't suit me ,so I had to wait.Admittedly, waiting with your ass tight is an awful ordeal. After some heavy work inside i got out.Then had my bath, it was time for breakfast. Me in double minds , state of vacillation,if I should have it from 'Maria'(excuse me folks it's a hotel,not a tart !!) or from the cantene . After a discussion with Gunesh i decided to have it from cantene. I usually discuss such matters with Farooq,but he was on fast,unfavorably for me it was the holy ramzan season. Now time for some pre-dressing activities, iron the shirts ,pants ,buff my shoes,shave my face off so that it looks green,and i don know if i look like a gay.By that time sourab and kyape had wound up everything,and they were waiting for us. I don know how they finish off their things with such briskness . I usually do everything in my eleventh hour. I trifle with my time a lot. So is Farooq. They were saying it was already late.I checked my watch ,it showed 8.00 a.m. So we told them to dash. Later we also checked out ,time was nearly 8.45. Then a brisk walk of 5 minutes.. got into a cab. These cabs are not officially provided by the company. These are private ones and getting a passenger free cab purely depends on your day.Otherwise it's hell of a job. That day we were lucky.
We reached the company in time, me and Gunesh had our food. Training started as usual.It was the second day of ISTQB certification, I suppose. By that time,I had become sick of the bloody training bcoz the training had started some one month back and i had lost my learning skills from my early college days itself. But y worry..?,if u have a thinkcentre(desktop) and a fast broadband net connection. Within no time I was onto my favorite sites with g-talk in offset.

The training went on ,my browsing also went on at once. Snack break at 11,lunch at 1. Was really feeling sleepy after the lunch,but u can't sleep right..!! ,after all it's not the same old college classroom.So i piddled my time away,browsing on the net. At times I didn't knew wht i was browsing.time for tea break. It was around 4 p.m. Tea had stirred me back to action. One of my school friend had come online in g-talk. We started chatting, but pretty old cliche's "whatz up dude..? how was ur day nd all..?How r u.? Me fine..."blah blah...or wot else u could chat, If u don know each other really in person. We never used to talk when we were in school .We had studied together for 12 years ,sounds hilarious....? But we had made a pretty good friendship after that,thanks to orkut and google..!!
When it was around 4-15 Farooq told me to check the bank account,His face had already lit up with 1000 watts smile. I was shocked to see my bank account with nearly 50K in that. I was in seventh heaven. Actually we didn't expect the pay package to be credited that day. It was told that we shall receive our first salary only on the last working day of the month, monday was still 3 days away. I was so excited ,i told it to my friend online then and there itself .The immediate response was obvious,"when are u goin to treat me..?". In point of fact, i had earlier thought that my mom would be the first person to hear from me about my salary. I am not ridiculing u my friend,for u are always special .

The hot news was spreading quickly within the training room. Those who were attentively listening the training session got excited and disturbed. The decibel level grew up. The trainer stopped the session saying that there is no point in carrying the session forward. He would also have experienced the same before. Probably he was feeling his own past in our faces. Think it was a retrospection for him. Soon he dispersed the class . By that time i had signed out from g-talk,after saying bye to my friend. Now it was time for our merrymaking. I had to inform my mother . I called her ,but she was not picking up. So i rang my dad up and told him,got back the comment "congratulations". I think he was really happy , economically stating the investment he made on me was reaping returns.!! Hope he doesn't come across this blog,in case he might kick me on my back!!. At last my mom took the phone ,i was very pleased to inform her. But i heard a strange conversation from her side. She told me that last night before going to bed she had switched on the motor,and forgot to switch it off. The well got completely drained off in the morning,and the current charges would shoot up that month. Now that I had got remuneration , it was nice and her budget would be safe. I was shocked.
Then to confirm my bank balance , I went to atm with Farooq ,we expected a long queue in front of it,but only to prove wrong.We withdrew some money.
We had a view of enjoying our first salary. We got this view from our company's earlier joinees. otherwise also we would have enjoyed ,but with a littile trepidation.The reason for this anxiety was the recession America was facing,and our company's image.Our training was almost over,and 6CM(coded here to avoid violation) test was nearby.(Any question like what the hell is that..?).It is resource capacity management and was told that it is a test intended to measure our assimilation of the training topics.wow...great!!,well tht was the company definition. When we inquired further it was the test based on which our company had fired some 700 freshers last financial year.Oh god ....What to do now..? So that was the reason for our anxiety. ( At this point of time I need to mention here that I had attended the same test a month later and had cleared it,infact all of my colleagues had cleared it proving that all we heard were just corporate rumors).Leave that after all we came to know it only a month later and at the moment we all were unaware of that. I had accidentally met an earlier joinee before ,in a cab. He was from nit Nagpur and had joined on july 27th. We chatted a little,pretty formally,soon our topic of discussion changed to the test. I thought this guy had already written the test,but it was not the case. He was being trained in java,which has a longer training period. He was also expecting the test soon. When asked about the test,he gave me a bizarre answer. He told that the test is the toughest of it's kind for any fresher to think and he quoted "don't think of that, enjoy your first salary".Wow..!! Was that cool..What a view..?That was the view I was talking about. Actually I was counting my days and was eagerly waiting for the salary. We have some Cetians in Toshiba who had already got it and was spending a reasonable amount in pubs and discotheques. Diametrically,I was running short of money that my dad had given me. He had given me a pretty descent amount,but man..!! it's Bangalore,cost of living is so high,otherwise you have to be very parsimonious. I was feeling little down to ask for more money from him.So i had thought of having a stingier life.

Now that we got our salary,first question was what to do with it? I had many plans. Buy shirts ,T-shirts,jeans, shoes.....many more.First we had to spend something on food as matter of convivial get-together. We went to the kairali hotel near forum and had a broast.We had a heavy food that night. Kyape put forward the idea of having drinks but I was against that idea coz the other fellows don't drink. And two of us on terrace with glasses in hands and saying cheers is the last boring thing to do on earth. I also don't drink that much,very little that also once in a while. I usually make others drink to their full capacity. Heard from Farooq that our first salary should be spent on something good.Yeah..!!,i agreed with that .Truly he is a luminary in my life. What an opinion...?
That night was indeed special. We had spent nearly 1000rs per head that day,and it was really nice to sleep with thousands of bank balance under my pillow and girl friend in dreams.!!