Monday, December 29, 2008

frozen weekend

It was after subru's sms in my phone,I realized that this was actually the last weekend in 2008. It advised me to enjoy the weekend to the fullest extend.and what is so special about a weekend?...weekends are a sigh of respite after a hectic 5 days of work.According to Bill waterson weekends dont count unless u spend them doing something completely pointless.But I was screwed up.

Earlier i had forgotten the significance of weekends after sitting idle for some 2 months ,afterall everyday was like a weekend.(But ultimately it resulted in boredom.) Now i really crave for one so that i can relax myself out. This is the case with everyone in the IT sector ,boring and hectic job for 5 days and a weekend to relax yourself out.There are other cases where some of them are not even getting the weekend to relax,Thanx to the phenomenon of recession.
I'm glad that my company is providing me with an extravagant training in spite of recession.After all the training suits workaholic way of life and is far better than getting rusted. But it has already started beating shit out of me. The training venue is external and is far away from my house,hav 2 catch 3 buses to get there,approx 2 hrs it takes,more than that i suppose in the egregious bangalore traffic.And then rigorous training with no refereshment time in b/w except for lunch.To sum up it takes some 14 material hrs out of my daily life.Moreover missed xmas vacations too,no leave...and this is for the first time in my life i'm away from my home during this season. Most ,not all ,of my friends will be on leave and i'm not able to show up before them.Usually this is the season in which i run across many guyz nd gals who were a part of my school life,sometimes from unexpected quarters,but not anymore. Gonna miss newyear tinsels also .In earlier trainings, i just had to be a fish in shoals.Now i have to be more attentive and got to do a lot of practicals to do. That's tough...!! and more tough days ahead.The only relief i had in the last weekend was watching Ghajini,ekdum mast movie!! with an excited crowd. Remaining time i was stuck at my office and home making essential declarations,gathering training materials and rushing through the same. Think this workaholic way of life will materialize my virginity forever.....Just exemplifying an exaggeration....!!!