Monday, December 22, 2008

20 -20

Writing becomes a necessity wen you are a fresher to this world of blogs so as to make it populous.Otherwise the visitors may find a desert inside with the old one's. Thought i would write a brief review for this movie ,just for the sake of it, so that it will keep me moving.

It was almost 1 year since i watched a malayalam movie from an A-class theatre. I was fed up with the stale themes and old vine bottles that released in theaters. This movie was in sensation for a long time prior to it's release because of it's cast and crew. So, thought i'l have a go at it just to break the gap that had widened b/w me and malayalam cinema.It was an average movie with an unrealistic story and a hint of entertainment.
I had 4 dubious questions immediately after watching this movie.

1.What has the name got to do with the movie.?
2.What purpose was served by deferring other main projects in the industry citing the reason of completing this movie.?
3.Is the malayalam film industry so poor except for a song sequence.?
4.What thought made the director to put Mammootty in the middle of this promotional trailer poster.?
The movie is just a usual commercial 'Joshiy' flick . A usual joshiy flick is one which has atleast one rape , jail sequence,car chase and a knife-hacking scene. This movie has everything except car chase.The movie starts with a scene showing 'Newdelhi'.It reminded me of the old sterling movie of the starlwart director.But It has got nothing to do with the new one .The subject revolves around an influential businessman played by Mohanlal who wants to take revenge on a few members of an elite family for his brother(played by Dileep)'s murder.Indrajit is accused of the murder. Mammootty is an advocate bearing loyalty to the elite family who comes to the floor to acquit Indrajit of charges. Suresh gopi is an IPS officer who investigates the case . Jayaram is just a witness in the case. Bhavana is the only female character who, we can say, has got some role to do here. otherwise It's a quadrangular story b/w mammu, lal,gopi and the villains.I'm not breaking into the details of the story. You may find it boring. So i am just writing what i felt awkward in this movie.
Now let me move on to my Q's,i don know why they put the title ' 20-20' for this movie,it sounds bizarre, at least in my case. Another question arises what name would fit otherwise with almost all the denizens in the film industry....i just don know..?It was said that all other major projects had been procrastinated for the completion of this movie...for what purpose...?You won't find anything that extravagant,it's just an ordinary movie. The producer could have spend a little more for the sets to make the movie look opulent. After all it casts all the superstars. Looks like they ran short of money after shooting the song with bhavana!! She turns you on with her alluring apparels in the song. And vocalizing on the poster controversy,putting mammu in the centre just doesn't add up. He is under-utilized in the movie. His intro scene is horrible,coming in a left hand drive sports car(the car actually looked like an old 'esteem' painted with some strange colors),driven by Babu antony at a speed of 140km/hr(that was incredible!!) . Protagonist is actually lal though the crew claims that all have been given the same preference. He should have been right there in the centre and who can forget the interval scene in which he strikes the silver-screen belittling mammu.? But mammu is simply charming with his formal outfits and well maintained physique giving a gentleman impression throughout.Think sureshgopi also shows up mammu with his vociferous dialogues and screen presence.
Dileep has some part to play with his usual but different hilarious numbers and a song sequence framed in extrinsic locatons.Though Jayaram has a part to play ,script writer brushes him off. And just to mention,Nayanthara along with Prithvi and other buddies gambol in a pub song.
The comedy in the film is okay. Innocent starts well but disappoints later by trying to mimic the 'kalyanaraman' comedy sequence. It was rice there and tea/coffee here. It was a perfection there and a humdrum here. All comedians of the industry are descent roles. Suraj and Dileep are remarkably noticeable.
And for the action part, the movie is uneventful, nothing special ,same old fights with aging actors who even can't lift their legs.I expected something in the climax and was consequently disappointed.One could guess it easily.
The nice part of the movie is that it has almost all main actors and in a sense their combo scenes are refreshing to watch. The initial sequence just before the starting of the film includes momentary scenes covering all the actors ,alive or dead, in the industry. That is also memorable.
But the movie certainly misses some legends...Thilakan,Venu and KPSC Lalitha and indeed this venture is incomplete without them.
Finally a word to the viewers.....Just go and watch this movie as ventures like this comes once in a blue moon .