Saturday, December 13, 2008


At last I am gonna start writing something solid in the blog. The very basic intention being purely selfish. I just wanna improve my skills in the language....that's all,and it's not intended to entertain nor publish private information to the outside world as is done by other bloggers.Everyone says that blog is for sharing your personal life with others. This is not for that purpose.
Basically I'm kind of a reticent person,u know what i mean by reticent..? I just dont want to reveal my personal feelings to anyone ,unless he/she is so close to me. But that doesn't mean that I 'm not affable. I like to be with my friends,not necessarily so all the time,amicably chat and roam with them, of course being reticent at once.
Detailing on the selfish aspect ,I am an MBA aspirant. I have a dream of pursuing an MBA from a reputed Business school in the country or abroad and of course It's not so easy as writing this blog. For that, I believe, one should have a sound knowledge in english,both in terms of vocabulary and grammar and yeah!! I'm really into it. I am constantly in search of new words,phrases,usages,new in the context, which already exists,and that I am unaware of. I want to master the same and it requires a lot of practice and daily usage. That's what I am doing in here.
Before closing this post, I want to append something more. I have been going through many a blogs for past several months on the net. I also have some friends who had already started blogging and are really good at it and frankly speaking I have been inspired by their vibrant posts. So there is a reasonable and justifiable chance of my blogging style reflecting other's. So please don't get acrid even if you find my contents similar.Finally I seek every bit of co-operation and sincere comments from all in improving the blog.