Saturday, January 3, 2009

aamir steals the show

Now that there is an altercation and exchanges of words going on in my training room on Ghajini,i have just decided to reel off my view point on the latest aamir starer, earlier i had thought of not writing it.
Ghajini was the most over hyped movie last year but has got the essential contents to back it.
Remarkably,hindi version of Ghajini outclasses the corresponding opposite number in tamil but for Surya.This is because the climax of tamil turned out to be a disaster whereas the hindi version makes up for this flaw by winding up with a better emotional climax ,though not the best one,as one would expect from the perfectionist.Otherwise both versions agree.

Both of them did outstanding performance in their own elegant ways.Aamir simply shows up surya by enacting the stoical role. He hits the bull's eye with perfection and steals the show.But surya was better of in the lover role. Aamir looks aged but has an 8-pack.Surya looked young though he didnt have an 8 pack.
(If these packs were available in grocery shops i would have swiped my debit card for that!!)
Surya and Asin had a good chemistry working b/w them which is missing in the new one.

I prefer the A.R album to harris's though it's not the best A.R album in 2008.The hindi version strikes the right note by effective utilization of A.R scores in the background.'Guzarish','behka' and 'kaise mujhe' are just apposite to the situations and adds color and rythm to the film

She is the same and truly is 'a jadoo ki chadi' .

Jiah khan/Nayan
Jiah khan is pointlessly emotional though she did a better job than Nayans.

Ghajini has already grossed 100crores .Just go and watch it for aamir. and for those who have not seen the tamil version it's a must watch.