Monday, January 12, 2009

a combined effort to get rid of hunger

Yesterday we(me and K.P) had a fantastic night out there @ our home though it was a sunday. Sunday nights usually have something that makes a guy like me wanna kill myself. This is because of the apparent inner realization that the weekend is going to run out .

It was a late evening. A daytime had already passed without much briskness except for washing my clothes.The fear of mondays had already started burgeoning in my mind. I was lying on my bed in deep private pensive thoughts. At somepoint in time KP asked me "wht's the plan 4 night..?from whr r u going to have ur food..?''.I replied " i don't have any plans as of now, and i may be limiting my dinner to a couple of juices." Kp immediately asserted "y don we cook for our own....? We will have rice and curry today.."yeah..!!Ravenously, tht was a random thought. I was instantly convinced to the fullest extent.I said the word to him.
We immediately set out to buy some vegetables .Banaswadi ( place where we put up) is good for nothing. But u will get fresh vegetables and fruits here. We bought carrot ,cucumber and other essential ingredients.
When we came back ,'nambolan'( the name true to it's type) was cooking . He was making some chappatis(running upto 8,tht's y nambolan, name true to it's type,if u know the story) and prawn fry.So we had to keep our heel's cool.We couldn't force him to finish it off quickly,as every thing from stove to spoon had a tag of his name.But the facilities in our kitchen were minimum.We had to rough it in.
Then we started our venture . I am actually naive in cooking so is KP. But since our chief cook farooq was out of station,I was forced to be in the saddle,much as KP won't admit tht.So i'm not taking the full credit here,after all taking the credit solely of a combined effort would be a matter of regret afterwards. Painstakingly,we started chopping the vegetables,with much effort.!!!The vegetables were not suiting my knife. Onions stood out. Stoically,It was flooding my eyes with tears. Kp had cleverly delegated that task to me after his unsuccessful try. Nambolan suggested to spray water over it while peeling so that it won't irritate my eyes.
We made efficacious utilization of cooker to cook rice and vegetables,though the whistles (horns as said by kp) bemused us . Actually we didn have any idea about the number of whistles to which we had to lend our ears. The making of curry and vegetable stuffs also confused us(how much salt ,chillie powder,blah blah...,to throw in).

Meanwhile when the cooker was on the stove, Kp draged me out to show a rosy picture outside.Usually KP has a strange sense of perception when it comes to girls. It does not align with ordinary people like me. He likes africans very much.But this was better.
I realized that no man is a perfect gentleman when it comes to the matter of women.
Then,after all the confusions and chaos created by the hoonking cooker whistles and ingredients ,we somehow got on well in our extraneous adventure.The food was ready.Kp served it.
Yeah!!now we were prepared to gorge it,after a chaos workout in kitchen.The food was fine.
Now the fear of mondays had already overwhelmed my inner consciousness. As aswin says Mondays really sucks.It's truly a let down after a holiday.The very thought of it disgusted me,though ,apparently,it is regarded as the best day to kick start something new.
No sooner,i was onto bed.Had a good night.I had to get up early today.