Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the curious case of joseph vijay

If i'm given an option to choose a film actor for a rendezvous, i'l opine this tamil stormy petrel. I definitely want to spent a good amount of time with this guy,who is a quintessential example of 'reverse aging'. And tht's the reason for the caption. I just want him to divulge his food habits, exercise routines and diet .
How does this actor manage to check the phenomenon of aging.? He's shedding it day by day. Curiously, he will be 39 by this june 22 and for me he looks not more than 25.
In this age of building body mass and packs, he conspicuously stands out with his zero physique. Evidently, he has changed a lot from the old chocolate chubby vijay to what he is now? I am a silent admirer of this guy,not as an actor though.

And when it comes to acting he defies all the general rules and convictions He breaks all limits of commercialism. Once he had even challenged the newton's law of gravity in "Aadi".
I don't like him as an actor for his so called vijay style flicks stuffed with dances and fights though he is undoubtedly one of the best dancers the film industry have ever seen. And who can sit through vijay movies? Frankly i can't. But his movies are working wonders in tamilnadu and he is highly regarded as the predecessor of rajni. redits to vernacular fanatics..!!
Let me not delve into his movie details.

Ok...but above all..!! I adore him for his evergreen youth and the way he is maintaining it. And that's what finally matters, in person. Keep it up man!