Thursday, January 8, 2009

health diet and a control freak

It's always undesirable to write about the food habits of an individual unless he's a gourmet.Generally people look for the diet plan to be studded with lip smacking menus and esculent cuisines that will cascade water in their mouth.Then i'm gonna disappoint u people.Pardon me..!! my mental disposition towards food will make ur mouth barren.

5 essentials to know me better:

1. I have completely stopped taking in fried foods( no fries , no cries).

2. I have learned to stand off from confectioneries and sweets.

3. I have started stop shorting all oily and junk foods, maida(maize flour) stuffs such as porottas, that i used to devour a lot.

4. My daily routine includes a heavy breakfast , moderate lunch and a medium /light dinner with juices, though advisably it's best to have meals 5 times a day.Since tht's not possible i'm confining myself.

5. I stop taking in as soon as i start belching..!!

Three logics i here by defy

1."The life is temporary,death is uncertain. The longevity logic is absolutely meaningless.So enjoy life to the fullest .You should not have a regret after-wards."
This is a logic that i feel is completely rubbish ,u don't have to be that idiot to be inside this belief.

2."You should try to sweat ur blood before having food so that u can intensify ur hunger and eat a lot."
I prefer to be comfortable while ,before and after eating and have a strong belief that hunger is constant.

3."Tasty food is worth spending."
I would prefer tasty to healthy at the beginning.

Seems silly...Eh....?, then ponder it over and again until you find a visionary in me.
It's not that facile . Are u ripe enough ....?