Tuesday, January 13, 2009

music marvel

Plzz,someone share ur system with me.I 'm desperate to watch
'Slumdog millionaire'. I am wanting in the pensive thoughts tht have been inoculated in some of my friends. It has already created waves across the globe and has been lavishly honoured and praised for it's music and theme.
Credits to A R ,U have created history by being the first indian virtuoso to be honoured in the golden globe for ur blend of cutting-edge tunes and typically Bollywood sounds in the feted album.Proud to be ur fan.
The two songs 'jai ho' and 'ringa ringa' is in high request. I was overwhelmed by the 'jai ho' song.Sukhvinder singh has sung it on the naughty side.These lines straight away captured my attention and has already found a good place in my lips.
"ratti ratti sachi maine jaan gavayi hain

ach nach koylo pe raat bitayi hai

akhiyon ki neend maine phoonko se uda di

neele tare se maine ungli jalayi hai"
Heard that this was initially reckoned in 'yuvraj'.Thanks to Subash Gai who found this number not apt 4 his film,otherwise Rehman would have become an instant victim of smug reviewers who are complacent with the sense of perception they have.Paradoxically,they were stunned wen he was honored with golden globe giving hardly any time for them to give their stars.
More and more awards pouring in.
But i feel this is a late recognition,u should had been honored before.
Now it's time for oscar race. We all are with u ,with our prayers.You will win and oscar will be a repetition of golden globe.
Or wht else we can pray for a maestro who has made keyboard his life,enchanted many a lives with his ethereal music for the last 14 years in indian cinema without being recognized worldwide.
God has bestowed u with unmatchable talents. Compose more , sing more. Best of luck!!