Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year tinsels

With onset of every new year I think of changing myself(resolutions) which is seldom not possible,may be because i try to change my basic instincts. don't know if this is the same case with everyone.But as far as i 'm concerned whatever I am writing here is absolutely true, much as I think of the changes only for a few days.

Let me share something with u all.
New year is a ray of hope for procrastinators like me though i don't celebrate it flamboyantly with crackers,tinsels,drinks and beach volleys. It's just about a feeling that it cannot be wasted in advance.It is lying there in the future unspoiled .And that is it's chief beauty. Whenever i hear about a new year, i evoke moonlight shimmering in water and maple leaves to my mind ..... don ask me wht has these things got to do with the new year....?it's already engraved in my mind like that; may be from some of the old greeting cards that i used to get from my old pals and distant relatives.
Though newyear was a fresh feeling in school days , I hated it's oneset very much coz the school re-opens that day after a 10 day vacation and my school was a real miser in giving holidays.Winter added to the woes. The dawn time would be very much chilled. I had to get up early in the morning and assemble for the classes. Before that i had to gather for the assembly in the blazing sun which i really hated.
There is something more to append here. Usually before the school closes for the xmas vacation ,there would be an event of tagging a new year friend . If i can trust my memory,it was Surendra babu sir who initiated this playful event in class 6th.Everytime i would get a girlee.That was a little disgusting as i was very timid of talking to girls.I was a boy with a lot of stage fear,still i'm to an extent, and i was very much afraid while thinking of the event that would set stage in the class on the new year.Sweet memories!!.
Further,i had only DD available at my home in my early school days. I used to be a couch potato. I used to hook up to all regional programs . But it had some time constraints.It was available only for 3 hours in the late evening and thus new year eve was obviously special with some late night programs.The news next day showed how colorful and scintillating the new year celebrations were, starting of from sydney to newyork in the chronological order in which the new year arrived.
And that is all about my memories.
Now that the new year fever is in the air once again,like always, I have made a few resolutions to be accomplished viz.,
1.To keep a control on my food habits.
2.To make exercises a part of daily life.
3.To kick start the habit of reading literary works(sooner or later as i'm screwed now).
4.To be more moral in conduct and way of life.
Hope atleast some of you will follow my suit and make some efficacious resolutions this new year.