Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just brushed clean feeling

Q:Do you brush your teeth twice a day?
A:No i don't.

Q:Do you wash you mouth after having food?
A:Burp!u said something!!

Q:Do you care for your teeth..?
A:No I don't that ok with u...? just get the hell out of me.

A:I chew orbit frequently.

Was that an Ad or am i being a brand ambassador of orbit.?
Hey ..!! There's nothing like that. I just wanted to divulge a piece of information to you all.
Have you people ever used orbit..?? if not make a habit of using it.
Orbit is marketed by Wrigley's under the label of chewing gum.

There are three facts that give logical support to my assertion, they are:

1.It removes the plaque that gets accumulated on my teeth.
2.Chewing is a sort of facial exercise.
3.Allegedly, chewing improves concentration and calms down the nerves.

After all buying orbit is no big deal,it costs only 1 rupee and 5rs for the blister pack. And don't forget to read the information in the rear side of the pack. It says you should chew it for at least 45 minutes to get the desired result.They have given a graph and some curves on it...hope that it is true.!!!. I follow it and chew it for more than 1 hour keeping a reserve.
I had started chewing this from my early college days . It all started after i was given a sample of orbit from a hotel in Trivandrum citing an excuse of 'No change sir'. After that i have made a regular use of it. Thanx to the guy who gave it to me,though at this nick of time i can't reminisce his face.Bad luck!!
The same stuff is available in two more forms,'protex' and 'happy dent' to my knowledge.
This post does not mean that u shouldn't brush ur teeth.That was just a way of engaging you people in my blog.One should at least brush one time a day and i had seen a few people in my college hostel who don't do that also!!Lazy guyz..!!!. After all flossing takes only 2 minutes. According to experts 30 seconds should be allotted to each part(upper right,upper left ,lower right,lower left) of our teeth while flossing. Orbit is no way a substitute for brushing, it just supplements it.
Just try it out and feel the difference.!! and get back to me..!!!