Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cubicle life & late night fun

Finally i have moved into a project after a temporary sinecure. I am thankful to the omnipresent for assigning me a cubicle amidst the phenomenon of recession.But this job is driving me crazy.

Working hours are from 2p.m-11p.m though it is 11a.m-8 p.m as officially promulgated by the company .Late night work is all fun.All u need to do is just sit back,yawn(whenever u feel doing so) and relax in an easy chair hearing some nonsense and esoteric(as far as freshers like me are concerned) technical stuffs from the on-site via phone ,sometimes looking at each other dubiously without necessarily pondering about "what's all this going on around in the air?"I bet no one will be able to make out what the american is saying in his ambiguous tone. More than that,you can see your colleagues wondering and making unusual faces as if they were born with some serious nervous disorder. Then you will be fed by the company free for the dinner and will be dropped right in front of your put up place in a cab along with your colleagues .Cool...enough..?
Meanwhile in the day time you have to hear it all alone jotting down the contents transferred in the session. This is my new cubicle life . Coping with it is easy . Only that you have to essentially change your IST timings to the US timings and in my case this is perfectly convenient as i don't have to wake up early in the morning.It's a bit economical too.

The account ,now i'm in, is a new one. I have absolutely no idea about the work i'l be doing in the days to come. All i know is that the client account is related to some domestic pests and termites,and with a pinch of embarrassment i would say that i'l be coding on my screen to help their customers get rid of it.This may be called ' pest/termite engineering.' Nice job to do after you have completed your B-tech theoretically, He he!!
This is just an overview. There are a lot more of confidential things to be told but let it be confidential as of now.

I firmly believe that i have improved my sarcastic sense a lot after getting into work.