Monday, February 23, 2009

the painted veil

It's a state of 'Nirvana' for "we the Indians".We all are happy that our prayers have been heard and yielded. The oscar suspense has been unfolded and the whole "Slumdog" team have come rich in the red carpet event.
Being an infatuated fan of AR Rahman i'm more excited.Not surprisingly, he won 2 oscars and moved into the golden pages of Indian history. Bravo rahman !!. Cheers to Gulzar and Rusool too.

Cut back to a different opinion;
While the whole nation is celebrating the successful panoramic depiction of our country's true soul, a couple of bollywood biggies have already lashed out at the oscar and allegorically slumdog millionaire. Now let me make it clear that i'm not talking about Frieda Pinto's Ex fiancee.
First one who gave his tongue to the controversy was none other than our Big B.According to him,oscar should not be the ultimate destination for our movies.Agreeably tht's right,but that's not our field of discussion.
Second one to reel off the controversy was Aamir khan.According to him,the movie really didn't work on him. That's the same case with many a people.These people are of the opinion that though the movie is a good one, yet it does not qualify the benchmarks of Oscar.If that is the case there's something smelling fishy behind the veil. Is this a freakonomic manipulation by the western business acumen? Are they clandestinely planning to exploit the Indian market? There are enough reasons to doubt.
1. First of all they are in recession,hollywood industry has saturated and they would try to get out of that,by hook or by crook.
2. India is a prodigious film industry with vast potential of growth supplemented by a large and ever increasing Indian population who are really frenzied about movies (including me).
3. Indian Business tycoon Anil Ambani had already squared a deal with hollywood biggies like Julia Roberts,Brad Pit and more.
4. Westerners are very pragmatic in their approach.

Allegedly,this oscar scenario is tantamount to the decade old Miss universe and Miss world contest where Ash and Sushmita Sen won back to back titles.It was a skillful maneuvering of ,nothing but, a sensible economics by which the westerners conquered the whole of Indian market with cosmetics and made Indian girls their puppets.They had a big deal here,still have.

Let's wait and see,if this is true or not.The beauty of the future lies in it's unpredictability.May be I'm sounding foolish!!