Monday, March 2, 2009

delhi 6 & bangalore 37

"Ye dilli hey mere yaar,bas ishq mohabbhat pyaar".
If you purportedly fall by the lyrics of this song then u are charmingly deceived. Ye dilli divanom ki nahin he yaar!. This delhi is all about communal sensitivity, superstitions,illiteracy and all the evils that our country is facing. Yeah! I'm talking about Delhi 6 the movie directed by Rakeysh omprakash Mehra.It gives an insight into the contemporary socio-economic scenarios of our country leaving the viewers to profoundly contemplate over the issues discussed in the movie. Rakeysh should be praised for portraying a very serious issue in an astonishingly sarcastic way that does not instigate communal hatred among the viewers.Phew! He had more of a histrionic approach to the movie.

The movie apparently links the monkey man('kala bhandar') episode which once gripped delhi a few years back with the communal issues there.It tries to say that the mystical "kala bhandhar" is within ourselves('andhar') and not outside('bahar') that wrecks havoc in the society without any consideration for humanism.Only concern here is that whether you are in the strata of Hindu or in that of Muslim.And this kala bhandhar needs to be set ablaze similar to the way Ravana's effigy is set on fire during Dushara.

The director mocks the evils in the society with a variety of facetious remarks.For instance
It was irritatingly pleasing to watch Atul Kulkarni's character portrayed as an illiterate picking the 2 coins which he finds himself worthier than a 10 rupee note in return for the task cut out on him.
More to mention,actually these are something like 'points to ponder' given at the end of each chapter in the N.C.E.R.T textbooks for class XI/XII . Here it goes,
  1. Enshrining a cow and gorging in a laddu as "prasad" cures all your diseases and this remedy is at it's best when the whole process is going on in the middle of a main junction causing traffic jam and putting entire traffic into a hault. Hospital jana tho bekhar ki bhaat he bhai!!
  2. If you ever under the influence of agnostic philosophy allege that the god's gleam could be seen in every individual, you have to categorically mention the name of God, precisely Ram or Allah.
  3. A girl child is a priceless possession till her engagement, just in time she suddenly becomes cheaper than a Wagon-R but definitely worthier than a motorcycle.
  4. For a 'neech jati' women,the term 'neech jati' prevails only in the day time and not when you are with her in the bed.
  5. In no wise forced marriages with long age-gap are a problem anymore if the young girls keep the windows open.
  6. It's not a hi-fi bed time,if it's not a rocket launch in the T.V!. You can switch channels to watch programs showcasing deep yogic exercises if there is lack of excitement.
  7. And finally a word to those who are planning to settle in Delhi. Better don't! or at least have a matchbox and a candle under your belt as delhi is prone to unexpected power cuts.

and Bangalore 37 because

the postal code of Marathahalli is 37. Marathahalli is my new destination, the place I am put up now. Actually the name is a misnomer. It lacks the bucolic splendor that we expect from a name ending in 'Halli'. It was a sheer coincidence that I saw the movie delhi 6 on the very same day I shifted to a new flat in Marathahalli along with my friends. Sorry if you people felt bad that you were not invited. There were no such extravagant functions. Interestingly, we made a black tea in place of milk..!! You can put me a call if by any chance you happen to come here sooner or later.