Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Natural Phenomenon

Check this out. In Lakeland a student has been suspended from riding the bus for allegedly passing gas. What a sensational news!! In my opinion this pulp literature ought to be in the top ten jokes of this year. According to the bus driver the student spewed gas which pervaded the vibe with such a disgusting pungent aroma that it almost blocked the entire path from the nostrils up to the lungs of all the unfortunate people present in the bus at that time causing difficulty in breathing. Definitely, it would have been a hard time for them.
Now should i take from my bitter experiences that i had endured, I can give several such instances from different places where it was hard to breathe without waggling my eyebrows. Obviously, my hostel would be my favorite pick from the list. There were a lot of peer heroes who showed it as their credentials. Some guyz used to give a tough look (after passing) as if everything was normal, and some used to take anticipatory bails. But anyway these people were not suspended from the hostel. Hmm....Sweet memories of palmy days with a rotten smell. :)
Now in the case in point this student has denied all the allegations charged on him. The school officials opine that there is no such rules that prohibits any student from passing gas. Likewise,there was another instance akin to this one when a student was arrested for breaking wind in the class early in November. Shame!!Come on folks! after all flatulence is a natural phenomenon.

I think these things would be a bizarre practice in Lakeland, in U.S.A but in a country like India this is a very common phenomenon and a routine activity. Proud to be an Indian!

Writing as if I had never passed a ***.