Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fool

Happy fools day!
I personally want to empathize rather sympathize with those people who are practically fooled by their friends, neighbors, relatives, bosses and other more edified and experienced people in and around them just because it is fool's day. Reason : I was plainly fooled two times back to back for the day so far.
I got up today morning with a mind full of sarcastic thoughts and hoping to fool some one. But the events in store turned out to be something different. It was like I was destined to be fooled on this very special occasion.
I don't read DNA(newspaper) in the morning. I consider it as a pulp literature. It helps in nothing more than creating a clutter of shit lying all around in the house and even in your brain. It's just a quintessential yellow press that tries too hard to put sensational news often ending up in some senseless news. But, You know what happened today..? Just as if I was destined to be a fool, i touched this shit and started reading some gozzip of a south Indian actress with a lot of satisfaction & enjoyment and two pages later realized that I, in fact everyone who were supposed to read this shit, was being April-fooled.
Secondly, on the way to my office I boarded a bus asking the conductor for Sathya Sai hospital as the landmark. This is a usual practice. (Since I am oblivious of kannada. I can't read the board). After half an hour I realized that there are two hospitals with the same name. I was taken to a completely strange place from where I had to catch an auto straight to this cubicle and you know what...?; auto rickshaw is the worst thing to travel within Bangalore with unpredictable fares. Rupees 100 gone! :( . Result-The conductor had made me a fool . But still , while getting off, I had tried to square it with some sweet & short language packed with good vocabulary presuming that the dolt conductor is not at all versed with Malayalam! and that was the only thing that satiated me in precise proportions for the day.

Hey..! some one is nagging from my back. It's my boss, I think, he has some work for me. So catch u later.