Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi all! am trying to change my blogging style.Perplexed...? :-)
Instead of writing, trying to speak myself out, just like I am talking with my friends, like one among yourself. That's a dramatic change guyz!, after scribbling some 20 odd posts in this blogosphere like a pulp writer. But when I read back I find it irritating. Posts seem as not properly put / edited , I may be justified for not being a journalist. More than that I find lotz of posts as just show offs. Intended to make believe that i'm something, have the potential, really have some stuffs with me! But believe me guyz, I really wanna be a freelancer, at least 10 years from now and I am damn serious about that.



Have lotz and lotz of things to tell. But nowadays so much snowed under the work that i hardly find any time for informal writing. No way out of this as market condition being really the culprit for restraining me from my late developed hobbies. Slaving away my time just like that. Lost in the software codes all the day. Trying to iron out the glitches in the codes and tht's my job. I don't have another go, my job is in the line. It is said that beggars cannot be choosers.

Adding to the woes people pulling ranks around me.
But still I try to catch up on with my hobbies during the weekends but there is every possibility of the weekend being a busman's holiday. Deep in my mind I pray that it does not happen.



Meanwhile it's hot here in bangalore(known for it's cool climate) mixed with rain in the evenings and nights that adds to humidity just like a mix of a cool icy soda and whisky. Hot bangalore may sound like an oxymoron , but is not. Anyway most of the days i will be in the office. Can't really feel the climate . The office is like a modern day cave or rather we can call it a bunker. No sunlight, nothing from any external source. You are even oblivious of certain facts like sunsets. It's monotonous and it would be 11-12 in the night by the time I leave from here in Tariq's cab(car).


new friend - TARIQ

oops! sorry..Tariq, I need to enlarge on him. He 's a senior resource in my team and we have hit it off just like that. Nice, handsome guy! Carries himself well, a bit foppish(first thing I noticed in him was the 'Rado' watch that adorned his left hand), a brand freak I suppose. I fear this piece of writing may end up as an ad for the brand factory, if I go for the description of the brands that I have seen in him.
Interestingly, he passed out from the same college and is from the same MH where i celebrated/academically wasted my four years :). Gives me a feeling of a friend, of a brother. The best synonym could be 'appy fizz- a cool guy to hang out with, lol!'.
Can say...A matter of relief in office. I wonder how i found a person of age 35 having precisely the same frequency that resonates with mine!