Monday, May 11, 2009


U know something..? Today i'm 22. happy birthday Arun!. I am anointed with lotz and lotz of wishes from my friends and other acquaintances. thank you all for your light-hearted wishes. Really, It exalts me a lot.
But to be frank I never bothered about the importance of May 11. I follow rather used to follow saka era that does not have a perpetuity as far as the dates are concerned. I am tagged under the aster 'chithira'. Now I can give you a piece of information. Guess What..? the English and saka dates coincide when your age turns into 19. Now i don't even bother saka calendar. So it has gone a long way from a kid who prayed and even offered oblation for getting good marks in the academic subjects to a guy who advised even his father that the proper function of a man is to believe in his self and live on so that he does not have to disturb the god.

I have never marked my birthdays with festivities. I am disclaiming being an ultra orthodox who are against these kinds of festivities, but candidly speaking I had never cut a cake on this widely considered auspicious occasion.

Leave the school, for May 11 was always hemmed in by the summer vacation. So i didn have to stand on the stage looking very odd with bright colorful dress put on and being apprehensive about standing cluelessly in the middle when the birthday jingles are sung.

CET hostel is well known for it’s birthday celebrations with your private room fraught with all the night birds punctually at midnight 12 kicking your ass as hard as they can, so that the pain remains till 12 next day. Luckily my birthday always fell when we had study leaves. Otherwise also I was unforthcoming to reveal.

For the first time I received hard kicks and let me tell u it’s an ordeal when u are being kicked in ur ass while u have a slight ‘kick’ in ur head. The ‘kick’ was as an aftermath of social drinking widely accepted in the IT sector professional circles where people desperately revel in total black outs.

But It is irritating when you start talking some stupid and 'beyond the back stump' philosophies beside the point with a fake face as if you know everything, whilst you have a peg of shark tooth mixed with sprite in your hand. I tell you these are the philosophies which are better of in the textbooks than in real life.

Now, one can hardly do anything when showing off is inherited. What I told is my case. I have been rightly construed by one of my pals that I just read some magazines, blogs and go on bluffing in front of other people who are oblivious of the facts. I admit that but the people around me were not far behind especially the guy who told this. It becomes worse when obduracy of people in and around you obfuscate the topic in debate apart from the nonsense you have vomited.

And worst you get pissed off when people u consider as edified plainly go bankrupt in their ideology and stoop to such levels that they enact slumdogs in front of you taking the anticipatory bail of being drunk. I just hate to be in that vibe.

Rightly, a time for a lot of retrospection and to move a step backward.