Saturday, May 16, 2009

Left Loses Right Rises

This election was a dream one for me. It was so close to perfect with 'stone age' leftists not in a position to haggle over seats to form a government and indeed it's the rise of right wing, youth and secularism. I am so exulted..........and that alludes to my political inclination .

the whole day I was in front of the TV as a *"floor gum" watching the deferred results of the loksabha play off unwinding in itself with ups and down and enjoyable surprises packed like sardines.

Was making a calibrated analysis of the political situation the whole day through soliloquy

Bullet points for leftists to contemplate over before promulgating their next manifesto in 2014.
  1. We are Indians and not Chinese or Russians. We love our country than China or Russia.
  2. We are more concerned with the plight of Muslims in India esp Kashmir and Tamils in Sri Lanka than people in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan though we personally sympathize with them.
  3. We, apart from physics believe in economics as well.
  4. We want decision makers and policy makers not people who bank on others accomplishments.
  5. We are in cyber age of rapid development and not in the stone age.
  6. We believe that the people work when they are provided with incentives and ample motivation, we hate stagnation and trade unions.
  7. We favor Adam Smith ideologies with the same intensity with which we dislike Karl Marx's.
  8. We love computers, technology and neo-liberal policies and spare no efforts in ridiculing those who hate them. and finally
  9. there are no substantial evidences for the existence of bourgeoisie in India whom the leftists are inimical to right from their birth, and if at all it exists, it's in the form of the definition given in the Oxford dictionary = "the middle class" which has a major part to play in carrying the country forward.
* floor gum is a person who sits on the floor and chews chewing gum(orbit) all the time watching TV. I admit it's similarity with the phrase couch potato :)