Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday Night

Saturday - time 7 p.m desperate enough I put a call to 'Yo', "y don we go somewhere and have food?" Reply was positive "dude i have a bike fully loaded with fuel." So that's it.
you have an ace up your sleeve If you have a bike fully loaded with fuel . Things had become more easy.

9.30 p.m we set off, the hotel we planned earlier turned out to be meaningless in it's own class. The place was not worth having food after u ride in on a bike. Changed the plan, destination: Bangalore south and food "don know yaar..let us try something savory" - a habitual thought; typical Malayali way - so the real journey began here. Still we hardly had any categorical plans.

Bike was flying along the outer ring road at 70-80 and this guy was at his best, really ramping it up. You need to talk in order to avoid the monotonous ambience that riding generates. But when you are above the stipulated speed, the communication gap gets widened by the wind. Still we managed.

Craziness had started energizing the stuffs inside my brain. We set forth a bunch of craziest plans that we could do at that time with a lot of intellectual flexibility. Even we thought of going to Hyderabad 400 km away just to exaggerate our craziness and wildness.

Some point in time this guy morally went out of control. He slowed the bike, zeroed in on a girl and started cruising along the way directing high intensity beam at her back. Now this is one of the perfect situations where one needs a guy who believes in moral ethics & rich cultural tradition. I somehow dissuaded him to pull himself out from this wildness.

Got out at the hotel. We tucked in to the grilled chicken and of course shavarma was the starter. It's not Arabian food if it's not Shavarma. With 'burps' honking like mill sirens we stopped. Now we badly needed to breathe a king size smoke..uff! relieved..but people say that it is injurious to health.

We needed a place to lounge, to spend some remaining 6 hours of night time. We didn't want to booze. Called Nikhil, went straight to his home.

So there u meet guys, your pals u know from the college days - "Wazzup bro..?, give me five." Now when guys meet they need a topic for discussion. Someone broached in the IPL. You have to close your mouth if you don't follow it and should instantly discern the fact that you belong to a rare species facing inevitable extinction in our country. You support a team for a cause. I support Deccan just because a die hard and hard core fan of this team has offered me a treat if they win. So let them win. Y should I support a team which shall seize my free lunch even if the team carries the name of the place I reside in?
[In a different scenario, u start supporting and pitching in for a team because of it's brand value. Due to it's worse performance u get tired. The celebrity who owned it patronizes you, makes a fool out of you catching the flight back home and publicly declaring "fuck you my team . fuck you fans..go to hell!"]
after all these hubbubs(every cricketing season) you end up paying more for your daily dosages of nutrient supplies, energizing drinks, and mobile phone calls.

late night(early morning) we were more concerned about our career, future better halves .To outline it was wishful thinking at it's best. By 4 a.m I was onto bed - took forty winks - by 8 up from the bed - rode back home - in between laid over by a lakeside, a quick ramble through the place which was thickly covered with shrubs only to find some women bathing(accidentally though) - ran away from the place fearing ominous consequences - reached here by 10.

Now i am learning to believe in vicissitudes of life. You think up something, it throws up something different, end up doing something else, often those things you didn't even dream off. Whatever the case, finally you fall in love with your quality of adaptability.