Sunday, June 14, 2009

extra 'offic'ial activity

I am very pleased to inform yu all that I have got a new 'activity' partner. Guy's name is Naveen. And if yu wondered what my activity is, I need to tell yu that it's one of the notorious instincts of the Homo Sapien
species - To scorn, mock, ridicule, mimic, gossip and do all those related abominable(as seen from the perspective of the victim) stuffs at/about those class of people we feel undesirable, in secret.
We don't let any outsider peep into our activity and we don't spare anyone when it comes to this activity,
not even ourselves. We have been actively joining together in this activity right from the day we hit it off and have been practicing it quite frequently since then.

Three places from where we constantly engage in this activity.
  1. Cafeteria.
  2. Restroom.
  3. on the bike.
We together have now discovered a jargon and have defined this word with multiple synonyms to best of our sarcastic sense. ("Discovered" because the word was already popularized by Abhishek Bachan in Idea ad.) Yeah yu guessed it right, it is "SIR-JI." But I guess no one would have ever imagined this word, which had never been prone to inflections till date, would be equipped with such variety of extreme multiple usages . It can be used as a noun as well as an adjective.
Learning a word is not easy and advisably it is always recommended that a word is best learned when it is correlated with practical applications. We suggest the usage of "SIR-JI" in the following scenarios
  1. When someone is from Punjab and he is a typical "Sardar ji" you can phonetically abbreviate his call name to "SIR-JI" with an exciting intonation every time you address.
  2. When you want to butter asses of top notch favorite figures at your workplace you can address them "SIR-JI" with a very polite intonation so that you can enjoy distinct status which other wise is unachievable.
  3. When you find yourselves up the river without a paddle then you can address your big boss "SIR-JI" complemented by faces that you make to show your despair.
  4. When you are fed up with the people pulling ranks around you and want to yell something like "bastard" right at their face, you can address them "SIR-JI" with a bitter intonation. Be very careful in this particular scenario and ensure that you don't release your true pent up emotions.
  5. When the dermatological disorders surrounding yur briefs are at their all time high, yu can skilfully put both yur hands inside the pocket and cry aloud "Oh!..SIR-JIiiii"
  6. When you want to show off, you can use this word 'N' number of times, even for inappropriate situations in whatever intonation yu like.