Saturday, June 27, 2009

remembering a hostel life

I just can't withstand putting posts here in my dream space though apart from flattering and buttering tht I usually get from my very close friend circles, I am also getting back some sincere comments like "this post is nothing but nonsense". Okay! well, If the flattering makes me moving, these aboveboard comments helps me to correct myself and write better.

[Here hiding the source of those sincere comments for the sake of confidentiality otherwise I would have coated the word with a hyper-link alluding to Orkut - My favorite networking site.]

Meanwhile i have started yet another blogging adventure ruminating the instrumental memories of my hostel life. The same hostel which left an indelible mark in my life. I realize that the vacuum created by the end of that golden era will be impossible to fill.

Thanks Vineeth(Q) for suggesting a gud option to write. This blog is dedicated to all those gems( MHites) who were part and parcel of my hostel life.