Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rohit Sharma & Chicken Shavarma

I can't help myself from saying that this IPL season which held the country entranced for the past two months was remarkably awesome. After all the gaga over the gentleman's game(irony), it was astonishing enuf to hear that all 8 franchisees are out of the woods. Diametrically, after analyzing the IPL business model for a long time, I expected this IPL circus to wither on the vines. Thanks to my friend Nikhil who apprised me at the right moment that I was barking up the wrong tree. It seems like Media has taken up the temporary loss on their shoulders.

All credits to our Dollar dealing dude, his excellency - Mr. Lalit Modi. I have started adulating him in full spirits. Soon he is gonna find demi-god status in the hearts of pragmatic and business minded citizens across the country. He evinced us that Cricket and even it's security can be outsourced and he can conjure up a mega event in an unbelievably quick time just like his "cheer-girls" cobble together 'tap dances' (with their bosoms, hips and buttocks) the very next moment a boundary is hit.

If u thought that I am very late to mention IPL in my blog I'm sorry i am gonna disappoint you. I won't accept that. Reason - I got treat from a die hard fan of Deccan Chargers today. Guess Wht...No prizes for guesses! It was "Chicken Shavarma " And all this happened because of none other than our beloved Rohit Sharma. Now I like to call him by the name Rohit 'Shavarma' just for the sake of the memories of the treat we had today. The die hard fan who gave me treat is my roommate Farooq (Die hard comes from the answer to the following question "who else is gonna spend from his own pocket for the victory of a team which has got nothing to do with him?") May be he was feeling too rich so he decided to spend some 100 bucks.:)

Meanwhile, the next dosage of cricketing mania has already begun - "ICC World Cup 20-20". But it lacks the splendor that IPL had. Since this time everyone is corroborating the Indian team due to extreme sense of Patriotism and Nationalism I am not expecting any Shavarma but definitely I expect Rohit Shavarma(Sharma) to play well for our country:)

Updates - Our Shavarma has scored 36 runs from some 23 balls(I can be wrong) before being caught, not bad, i think...and India has reached around 180runs. Not at all bad. Best of luck Team India!