Wednesday, June 24, 2009

trends & fashion

Our country's flexibility in updating trends and fashion is really adorable. Now the recent trend is "Rape" and the most fashionable rape is "Gang rape". Assuming that yu people have not so bad curiosity in updating yur knowledge repository with current affairs & events, I hope this won't surprise yu. From politicians to filmstars , from business executives to chauffeurs a lot of people have conceivably started engaging in this activity.

Engineers are trained to practically analyze everything under the sun and being an engineer I'm no different. That is my only quality that matches with the so called true engineers' other than the tag name. Now i tried to analyze the recent upsurge in this trend of 'rape' quite painstakingly. Interestingly my brain has come up with an intelligent conclusion.

Yu can't always blame celibate/lascivious men, for they are always extremely addicted to something or the other especially - the opposite sex. Now if they are not in a position to control their emotions, it results in catharsis. Think of a situation where one such immoral guy has lots of money. He naturally goes to a brothel , buys a whore off and satiates his naughty soul. So the possibility of a rape is very less.

Now that the whole world is reeling under recession the wallets are empty, cheques are bouncing and balance sheets are blank . Everything looks bleak from all angles. So instead of spending on a whore it makes a lot of sense to go for a r*** which is absolutely free of cost. Moreover our country's judiciary system and prevailing laws are so well equipped & maintained that the protagonist can bet his stakes in it.

Some random facts

India is rightly construed as a strange country. People here never misses a chance to become famous even when they are victimized. Shiney Ahuja's wife is the latest one. She almost became an instant T.V celebrity after his hubby was charged with the case. The victims are also not that far behind.
In the case of "Shopian tragedy" the rebels on the sidelines of public mobilization were more interested in communalising the issue. They just wanted to ensure that the culprit was a hindu and the victim was a muslim.

The DNA test is the ultimate test when it comes to confirming the rape cases. Ironically, India is the first country were it failed miserably because it could not draw a categorical distinction between Hindu DNA & Muslim DNA.

And all these veracious facts make the things worse here.

I foresee a steep increase in rape cases till the recession bottoms out. I dream a recession free India where people esp lascivious ones have lots and lots of money so that they don't have to go for a r*** for personal satisfaction.

PS: Government is embarking on various social schemes & women empowerment programs to improve the status of women in the society. Heard a bill for 50% reservation in jobs are also in the pipeline and of course, without harassment free workplace!
Beware girl! A vulture eye is always behind yu. Yu may be a victim of people's wild craziness for the latest trend & Fashion.