Thursday, July 2, 2009


Watch out for the Delhi high court judgment and it's plausible implications. Our labyrinthine judicial system seems to have matured a lot. Our tradition is set to go trendy.

For misogynist men this is a wonderful opportunity to endlessly exploit and can opt for a gay marriage, if they wish (but certainly not for those people who believe tht marriage is an institution pressing for forced commitments).

And for all those guys who miserably failed to gain a girl friend in their life hitherto and are frustrated, this is an opportunity to turn pink in disguise.
Take the case of Bangalore. It is known for the rollicking pubs and some of the best pubs are known for their totally unjustifiable theory of "couples only". For a guy who is totally ignorant about the meaning of the phrase girlfriend the access to door of these pubs are hemmed. I don't have a girl friend and for that specific reason I hate these pubs. With this historic judgment in place, i think, this theory of "couples only" is gonna expand it's meaning to suit the new law. Now guys would be able to enter any pub with any of their friends(male) with a tag of being a gay couple.


In the near future, I am expecting

Questions like "My dear son! what kind of activities were yu occupied in with tht guy last night?" in a curious tone from those concerned fathers of those gregarious guys.

More couples(gay) getting out from the closet and thronging the Mc Donalds, Baskin &Robbins, Cafe coffee day, parks, malls etc and lingering over.

Implementation of stringent laws disallowing guys from sharing common rooms in hostels.

Marriages where a guy clenching the palm of another guy is trotting around the holy fire( HInduism) And of course marriage acts getting redefined.

An upturn in the market of pink clothes and a thumbs down to condoms .

A considerable down-slide in population explosion.

Cries of reservation for gays in education & jobs, position in parliament, seats in public transport buses and separate compartment in express trains .

A spritz in craziness for films like Dosthana.