Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just another leaf in my blog, life

The quality of hospitality is very closely knit into the fabric of Bangalorean culture. Bharath, one of my colleagues in office was the first to inform me about this fact and last Sunday went on to prove that.

We had a lunch invite in our hands when we woke up in the morning. I along with Hari, Ganesh and Naveen were invited for a lunch by our colleague Sushma and her hubby, Madhav (italicized in order to stave off some curious questions), @ home at BTM layout. They gave the impression of a good couple. In fact they showcased clear-glass felicitousness and accessibility.

Best description of Sushma would go like this - In a twinkling of yur eye, she shots across the entire office with an arrowy swiftness.Phew! Madhav; don know much abt him; too early to sketch the character here, but he looked nonchalant, composed and more a person who was able to fit into our table.

Think they put a lot of effort in shaping their respective roles as hosts. They had whipped up a variety of delectable dishes which we liked. But there should be a limit to everything and there is something called formality. So we kept that formality and had a little less than what we should have really had. Probably this best explains why we ate less. And it was unfortunate to hear that she threw the rest of the chicken curry the next Thursday..Oh Gosh! Okay Fridges are always cool!

Post lunch we really enjoyed with Naveen in the center stage. He impersonated and brought most of our project members to life in just a matter of second with his adorable skills. For that we just had to close our eyes. Little wonder, when we heard that he fetched his present job by imitating the speakers' accent during the listening test which our company had conducted while campus recruitment. On the sidelines of gossiping we literally blasted a lot of people's ass though in between Madhav gave some occasional advises about our career and prospects.

So after a long lull, apart from the routine washing of clothes, popping into some odd shops, at the maximum watching an odd movie, I enjoyed an offline get-together with some of the best people i have ever seen in my life so far.

Unfortunately not a single snap to put here, I just missed my cam!