Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hyderabad - the bustling capital of A.P is a whirlpool of different cultures and is richly endowed with values and traditions.

There is a myth - Pearls from all over the world congregate at Hyderabad. Different people from different parts of the world bring them here. People here are believed to be real craftsmen. They painstakingly perforate holes in these pearls and carefully concatenate them to form strings, necklaces etc without injuring them physically. In a way, this can be extensively attributed to the character of denizens in this culture rich city. People like me come over here from different places and the denizens here, without injuring our souls, make us feel that we are part and parcel of the Hyderabadian string.


Salarjung Museum

This edifice is a must watch. The history has been brilliantly absorbed on to every piece of material here. Be it armoury, clothes, tools, crockery...anything and everything. The entire collection is believed to be from a single person - Salarjung X [ don't remember the exact numerical suffix of the King] whose amazing penchant for the worldly materials made this museum a landmark one in Indian History.

Bill gates would be nothing if a dexterous thief really decides to loot this Museum. Such is the opulence that pervades every nook and corner of this marvelous Museum.

Hotel Paradise

The name itself says it is a heaven; yeah ... it is, at least for the delectable biriyani they cater.
Hyderabadi biriyani is characterized by right blend of popularity & cash and by proper mix of chicken/mutton & basmati rice. Too heavy to be finished in a single shot!. You come out of this hotel with high frequency of burping.

Golkonda Fort.

A fort is always considered to be a very strategical zone. As stipulated in Arthasasthra( written by kautilya) ; a fort should be built in such a way that it provides ample resistance to the marching inimical army, ample time for spawning diplomatic moves and ample time for the king to escape in case of inevitable danger.
It is believed that this dilapidated monument (now) was once made of stones out and out and only stones without any reinforcements. [As a part of conservation of historical monuments program the reinforcements have been filled into this structure.] This fort encloses a clapping zone. It is believed that the reverberations of a clap from this particular point could be heard in the king's court a few hundred meters away . The king took this as a harbinger of danger and could manipulate the future course of action.
This fort also encompasses remains of turrets from where the archers used to shoot arrows unnoticed.
It also nestle lots of eerie spaces where the bats inhabit which ropes in researchers even from Nat-Geo channel.

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