Thursday, August 20, 2009

gearing up for a journey

After months of gloomy gap, i am warming up to the idea of a well-planned expedition - this time to explore the heritage of Hyderabad/ Secunderabad, the only twin cities in India.

I am gonna be out to visually capture the charm of the twin cities, to embrace the historical heritage, to titillate my taste buds with hyderabadi biriyani and to modulate my ear drum to the telugu tune.

Meanwhile, I have given a fabulous and interesting offer to my dad, who used to be my Credit card, Debit card and ATM once - to sponsor me. I still don't feel any embarrassment in burning a hole in his wallet.

So, If everything goes fine, I will be boarding the Korba express tomorrow at 11.30 p.m and the hyderabadi breeze will be flirting with my hair day after tomorrow from 10:35 am; the timings being subjected to the erratic railway timings.

But as my colleagues say, bad things happen in IT sector, worse things happen in my company and worst things happen in my project. So I would be running a narrow risk of canceling this much awaited trip whose roots I have been watering ever since I heard about this place for the first time.