Wednesday, September 2, 2009

onam irony

Today is Onam - the typical Malayalee festival and I'm at my office from morning 7 curiously contemplating at two of my colleagues, Month-end Madhava and Bald & Brawny Babu (perfect examples of alliteration!), running the Month End Jobs in the datsbase of my client and trying to iron the wrinkles in the software code in between.

There is a popular saying in Malayalam "kanam vittum onam unnanam" which means that yu should sell the last inch of yur property so as to have a salubrious Onam Lunch meal. Now I have money, but i won't find any Onam lunch here, in fact i don't know if i would be able to have anything for lunch on time. Yu can sell yur 'kanam'(property) but yu can't sell your time. That much screwed up!

I am a Malayalee and this is what you call fate, an ironical fate, to be precise. And this augments the irritability factor of my soul by a few Mega Hertz.

My Manager came around 9 AM today in order to patch up with some of the linchpins in our company and was surprised to see us. He had seen us in office while he was leaving yesterday from office. He sarcastically asked "Have you made office your home?" "Yeah!" we replied with the same intensity of sarcasm.."we have given orders for a bed and cot to be put in here."
Then he figured out me.."hey Man! I heard that it is the occasion of Onam today. You should be in temple chiming the bells." I just couldn't withstand my laugh (because it is around one year since i've been to a temple). I asserted "then who will do this activity. This shows my dedication and commitment when it comes to my work." Instantly, dose of sarcasm rather a veracious fact came like an arrow from his mouth.."I very well know the meaning of celebration in yur dictionary. Yu will celebrate Onam by boozing over night." Thanks to Sheetal's Party!

Meanwhile, my inbox , both email and phone is jam - packed with the warmest greetings crammed with flavor of Onam which i have been receiving from my closest people. My mind is brimming over with thoughts. I wish I was there at my home town with my parents, my sister, other relatives and friends and devouring that Onam Meal.

As this Onam drops in, I along with my nostalgic memories is waiting ..... for the next one

I swear, next time, i would definitely celebrate my Onam at my home.

Kanam vittum Onam unnum!