Saturday, October 10, 2009

black buddy - white dove

Nobel Prize and controversies are always subtly entwined. This time around the controversy has hit a different plane with the Norweigian committee glorifying Obama with the world's most sought after accolade for peace - Nobel Price. This is yet another quintessential example of the so called "OBAMANIA" which originated in US 1 year back and is earning him infatuated fans cutting across different countries and people.
The sitting American Presidents had been so invariably brutal in their approach that a fresher who just managed to talk of peace even without substantial solid efforts, but for his sheer diplomacy, has been given a thumbs - up. And who doesn't want to forget the Patriarchal Presidential lineage of US that had been actively involved in pulling ranks, altercations, scuffles and even wars persistently throught out the last century just to cement thier super-power platform.

Has he done that much to be feted this way? You See, even the Great Mahatma Gandhi who esposued the doctrine of peace is not a Nobel Laureate. Isn't the time period too short to judge an American President?. You see, the nominations for Lobel prize closed 12 days from Obama's presidential swearing in ceremony. Okay let me leave all this banal and trivial queries/ talks to you.

The point here i am trying to focus is the diplomacy factor. If Obama is diplomatic so is the Norweigian Committee. I would say, they have done a commendable and sagacious job if we carefully consider the political scenarios that would be stemming out from this honour. Now Mr. Obama will be forced to keep his atmost good faith as an ambassador of international peace even in troubled and tensed times at least to keep his credentials intact. This is also a token of recognition which vociferously states :

"Yes Obama!, You can do it, You only can do it!". ( Read with immense stress on the word "CAN" )

A new era has dawned with the rise of this great leader as a white dove of international peace and he has got enuf credentials right up the streets.

PS: Opinions are strictly personal and not intended to malign anyone.