Saturday, November 14, 2009

Strange Prem Ki Strange Kahani

Just before the movie culminates, cathartic Jeni(Katrina), cocking a snook at her boy-friend , emotionally stammers before a prying media "I have gone mad because of Prem(Ranbir)". This is exactly what yu may want to tell the director of this movie, Mr. Rajkumar Santhoshi - "I have gone mad, insane and terribly lost not just because of Prem but also because i had sat through your cruel torture."

In the story, the script-writer unconventionally blends the chemistry of Prem and Jeni by bringing forth a strange similarity in their mannerisms. Whenever they are upset, they start stammering. I thought, this mannerism seeped through the movie screen into my nerves, at least for a few minutes, because i started stammering while sharing my review with my friends. Dang! What a visual impact!

How could Rajiv masand even think of giving a rating of 2.5 for such a stupid movie like this. That too, the rating being tantamount to Madhur Bhandarkar's Jail which is realistic in approach and is bang on target. On a serious note, this one is not even worth a review!

Title of this movie delineates strangeness and the movie gives yu an even stranger image. It is fraught with horrible acting skills, wrongly timed songs and irritating jokes that are big spoilers to one's humor sense. Wonder who tagged this under comedy genre? You may have to carry an expert in the art of twitching along with yu who can make yu laugh. At times it reminded me of those old story strips which used to stir me with impractical sense of thoughts in my childhood days.

I believe Bollywood also should start something akin to the lines of Razzies to appreciate the worst movies made in India. Full guarantee, this one would be the best pick among the worst.

All said, there were moments of some great choreography and a preeminent display of Ranbir's dancing skills (especially in the party song).