Monday, December 21, 2009


AVATAR is not a novel concept for someone who, at some point in his life, has leafed through the pages of stories that envelope the mythological globe. We had heard about AVATARS of gods; who dwell in heaven, on earth to protect the faith and integrity of people who inhabit here. It is believed that Gods took to AVATAR to understand and immerse Himself into the vernacular of inhabiting people so that he can restore faith on the Earth by destroying forces of evil.

But in the movie it's not God, but t's a man who incarnates into AVATAR; it's not Earth, but a planet called Pandora; and it's neither the task of restoration of faith nor the destruction of forces of evil, but it's greediness and selfishness of human race to confiscate something sacred with hardly any heed to the hues and cries of an entire alien civilization. We have human race i.e simply "We, our greediness" on one side and aliens on the other. We would be musing: whom to support? But indisputably, it's the aliens that survive and triumph and the mineral UNOBTAINIUM still remains as "UNOBTAINABLE"

I recommend this movie for those people who still have a special place for creativity left in their heart. It would definitely slake one's thirst for creativity. And that is exactly what Sir James Cameroon intended: to enchant the audience's eyes and engross their minds, to the highest degree of extent. At the same time he sends a very strong message for us to brood over.

Finally, 3-D is the main attraction of this movie. Watch it only from 3-D theaters, for it can only take you to that amazing world of Pandorra and allow you to live with them - the flora, the fauna and the aliens. Get the 3-D goggles and you are ready for some special visual extravaganza.

P.S: Please do all the chores such as peeing and collecting the snacks before the movie commences. There is no interval in between.