Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 idiots

"Education is neither about vying for top ranks nor fulfilling one's parents' dream. It's all about craving for excellence and chasing and fulfilling our own dreams. We have to lap up pleasure and feel the passion in what we are learning. "
This iconoclastic message is perfectly conveyed to the masses by the recent Aamir khan film: 3 Idiots.

Idiot no longer means a stupid person. It's time we do away with that meaning. You know, now idiot is a smart/intelligent person; idiot means a person who has realized his/her true goal of life; idiot is one who is able to cunningly convince his/her heart - ' ALL LEZ WELL'.

3 Idiots packed with quality humor, wits and emotions is conceived to be a wholesome entertainer till the last inch of the reel which you may want to experience again and again. It scoffs at the present educational system where the students are molded to be mere puppets in the puppet show directed and produced by parents and teachers. It also takes a dig at the latest educational trend where people frequently switch their fields for sake of their financial convenience.

Rancho(Aamir) says in one of the scenes: "My college is not an engineering college. It is a factory that manufactures donkeys with brains of machinery." Isn't it the truth?
We need to think; Questions do arise: do we really need such an educational system where marks and grades alone smear the quality of education?; Do students have to sweat it out in their school/college days retarding their creativity?; Aren't the outcries of innocent students undercut while we favor the roles of parents and teachers more than what they really deserve?; Is the purpose of education just confined to a highly paid white collar job?

Let's think and put in our best to acomplish the onerous task of changing the existing system or be ready to face the ominous consequences which would include mental retardation, draining of creativity and increase in the toll of student suicide cases.

Had Aamir conceived this idea some 6 years back, i would not have pursued an engineering stream of education. Let's celebrate the movie and educational renaissance in equal measure. This is a kind of movie that would provoke thoughts and stir debates in the coming days. Full stars!.

PS: In this new year let us take a resolution that we won't read reviews of the following smugs anymore: [1] [2].
Lets not call them idiots, call them stupids!