Monday, July 5, 2010

really - "I hate love stories"

A girl breaks up with her lover saying that there is no love possible in this world between the likes of him and such as her - she hates white flowers (because that is perfect) and she loves to drink during the weekdays, both her lover can't agree upon! How silly?

In the mean-time the guy whom she really loves reaches an airport to fly to his mom's place. This guy who, didn't believe in God and even in Love, until that time, suddenly turns superstitious and starts believing in the omens written on the sign-boards (which he stumbles upon in the airport): Don't Proceed, No entry. Without any proper reason, all the flights get delayed. The display board shows Delay status for all the scheduled flights which our hero takes in as the third omen.
Now, when he is completely convinced that his destiny awaits not at his mom's place but in his girl-friend's love, he sees another omen, numerically the fourth one, written on a bag - "
GO". Immediately, he quits all his plans and reaches out for a taxi to win back his girl-friend's love. Within moments hero proposes to the heroine and they emotionally embrace each other and the movie ends. What nonsense!

At the same time, the sign-board inside the theater to my right displayed "Emergency Exit" in a reddish hue - This is when I took the sign-board as an omen (like our hero), and decided to leave the theater. phew!

Karan Johar's "I hate Love Story" is yet another immature attempt to inject modernity and specious urban life ethics in to the veins of the mass audience. The movie subsists itself with elements of western culture and is so dearth in creativity that we end up whimpering "I Hate Love Stories".

The plot is stale and it hangs around the following characters and situations:

[1] A bold heroine who drinks(elements of modernity), is very serious about her career prospects but is hopelessly confused and fickle when it comes to Love and selecting the "be-all" of her life.

[2] Heroine's lover who is rich and perfect but at the same time a moron and a boring prat.

[3] A modern, "well-bred" hero who is a drunkard and a party animal and is never serious about his job and career . He is flirtatious and even copulates with girls whom he runs into.

[4] Hero's fat and funny friend, fitting the comedy part, who always thinks about the hero and nothing else in the world.

[5] Parents who encourage and promote promiscuity, divorces and even infidelity, of course for the welfare of their own kids.

[6] Hero's boss - who is crazy, displays traits of weirdness and makes the hero work like a drudge till the 80% reel of the movie - suddenly guides him like a mentor to follow his heart and love.

[7] A party song where a bunch of "Use-me" type of girls needlessly shake their booty and flaunt their cleavages

This said, of course the movie has some wonderful songs, funny moments, some witty T-shirt captions, sarcastic gender jokes - but all without a purpose. But I still don't get Karan Johar's obsession for gender jokes esp "dosthana jokes" and the way he peppers it here and there in the movie.